Alpha Announces Company Name Change to Feedback Loop

The Agile Research Company’s New Name is a Nod to its Expanded Mission: Enabling Product and Research Teams to Collaborate on Rapid Consumer Feedback So They Can Learn Faster and Innovate Smarter

NEW YORK--()--Alpha, the agile research company whose technology platform provides rapid consumer feedback to enterprise product and research teams, has today announced that it will begin operating under the name Feedback Loop, effective immediately. The rebranding reflects both the evolution of the company, as well as a literal description of its core deliverable to users. The company’s ownership and leadership will remain the same.

Founded as Alpha in 2014, Feedback Loop’s original focus was, and continues to be, providing product development teams with access to consumer feedback at every step of the go-to-market process and beyond. Its agile research platform was built with research expertise embedded into the user experience so that non-researchers (product teams and marketers) can perform select research functions (such as discovery, message testing and concept testing) responsibly.

This democratized approach to consumer feedback frees up researchers to perform the type of studies that require the expertise only they can provide, while allowing product teams to test hypotheses, iterate quickly, and make critical decisions to get to market faster. The company’s new name borrows from the feedback loop that exists between the companies it works with and their markets, and alludes to the feedback loop it seeks to enable among these organizations’ internal business and research teams.

The dynamic between product teams and researchers can be strained by product teams’ need to move quickly and researchers’ need to move accurately. Feedback Loop is confident that its solution gives researchers peace of mind knowing that product teams are getting reliable data, rather than using unvetted and ungoverned research and, as a result, making biased or otherwise problematic business decisions.

“As part of our expansion into new markets and within the companies we work with, we have redefined our company’s positioning through the lens of the value we bring to our customers,” said Rob Holland, CEO of Feedback Loop. “The new company name moves us away from the idea that research only takes place at the beginning of the product development process and puts us squarely in a new era where consumer behaviors and expectations are constantly changing. We’re enthusiastic about the name Feedback Loop because it allows us to accurately represent our role in the ongoing consumer feedback process to our customers.”

Along with the change to its company name, Feedback Loop has introduced a new logo and relaunched its website to reflect its expanded mission. The new website ( prominently features the company’s technology, expanded use cases, and success in the insurance, healthcare, and financial industries, among others.

About Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop is the agile research platform for rapid consumer feedback. Fortune 500 companies like Farmers Insurance, Humana, Lending Tree, and Uber trust Feedback Loop to bring the voice of the consumer into critical market decisions. The company’s technology enables collaboration between product and research teams, so they can learn faster and innovate smarter. Founded as Alpha in 2014, Feedback Loop is headquartered in New York City and backed by Crosslink Capital, Spider Capital, and Calibrate Ventures.


Kieran Powell
Channel V Media

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