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How Teams Are Handling The Temporary Shift to Remote Work

As public health officials advocate for social distancing and local governments begin to issue stay-at-home restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, many employees are adjusting to their new reality: Working from home.

While remote work has its advantages, integrating work life into the home for an indefinite period presents a host of other issues, like more distractions, feelings of isolation, or even loss of productivity.

We used Feedback Loop to survey more than 580 full-time U.S. employees who work for companies with more than 50 team members, surveying their willingness and ability to successfully work from home.

Some key findings:

  • When asked how they would rate their employer’s reaction to COVID-19, 69% said their companies responded appropriately. Male respondents were more likely to describe the response as an overreaction.
  • 75% said most or all employees typically work from their company’s office under normal circumstances, compared to 28% who said half or more employees work remotely under normal circumstances.
  • When asked how long they anticipate working remotely, most respondents said four weeks, while 20% expected this to last for eight or more weeks.
  • A majority of respondents indicated they're spending more time sending emails, participating in video conferencing, and taking phone calls now that office life has gone virtual. Interestingly, respondents that manage one or more people said they are completing those activities more often than respondents who don’t manage teams.
  • 65% were confident or extremely confident in their ability to do their jobs just as well working remotely. Respondents who manage teams felt more confident than respondents who do not manage others.
  • Confidence in their coworkers during this time is just as high, with 61% expecting their team’s productivity to remain unchanged.

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