Focus on Black-Owned Businesses in the Black Lives Matter Movement

Our recent research into the Black Lives Matter movement suggested that, in the last few months, support for the racial justice movement is growing across generations, with many choosing to donate, protest, and sign petitions. Our findings also revealed that people believe purchasing from Black-owned businesses is one of the most effective tactics for supporting the movement.

Using Feedback Loop's rapid consumer feedback platform, we surveyed more than 550 U.S. adults to see how they’re supporting and discovering Black-owned businesses right now.

Key takeaways:

  • Consumers are committed to demonstrating their support for inclusion and making an immediate impact: 65% said that supporting Black-owned businesses is extremely important or important to them.
  • When looking for ways to make a difference, the answer can be found in consumers’ pocketbooks: 80% are likely or extremely likely to purchase from a Black-owned business.
  • Social media is playing a big role: 52% of participants are using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to discover and purchase from Black-owned businesses.


  • The majority of participants (65%) indicated that supporting Black-owned businesses is extremely important or important to them. Those who more frequently reported finding it extremely important include Black adults and African Americans, Democrats, and participants aged 18-24.

  • Among those who deemed support of Black-owned businesses important, support comes in a variety of ways, from becoming a customer to spreading the word. 80% are likely or extremely likely to purchase from a Black-owned business, followed closely by sharing Black-owned businesses with their network (76%), and donating to Black-owned businesses (66%). Those aged 18-24 indicate that it’s extremely likely they’ll do all three.

  • Most participants are interested in purchasing clothing and accessories from Black-owned businesses (63%), food and beverages (58%), and beauty products (50%).

  • Because of the growing support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the number of resources that many publications and organizations are sharing, a scarcity of knowledge isn’t the issue. A majority of respondents (57%) said it’s easy to discover Black-owned businesses, while only 15% indicated that it is difficult. Individuals living in urban locations more frequently indicate it’s easy, perhaps because those areas, and their businesses, are more diverse.

  • A majority of participants (54%) have not used online resources or company directories designed to help consumers search for Black-owned businesses.

  • Instead, most people (52%) are relying primarily on social media to discover, support, and shop from Black-owned businesses. The social media network of choice is Facebook (77%), followed by Instagram (66%) and YouTube (60%). 18-24 year olds overwhelmingly chose Instagram (83%) and TikTok (52%) over Facebook (48%).

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