Feedback Loop: Welcome to Agile Research for All Stakeholders

At Feedback Loop, we help companies thrive by learning faster and innovating smarter.
Our mission is to connect the decision-makers on the frontlines of business to the consumers they serve. We know that the product, marketing, and innovation teams tasked with helping companies evolve face challenges in getting the direct consumer feedback they need. Without this feedback, they face the stark reality of flying blind into multi-million dollar decisions. When this company began life as Alpha, we recognized this unmet need and pioneered the rapid generation of consumer feedback by business teams. We are rebranding Alpha to become Feedback Loop because of the important learnings we’ve had during our development process.

Enterprise product managers are not the only ones facing challenges in the move to agile. Researchers are faced with a scenario in which they must produce data at an unprecedented speed. The existing tools and methodologies of the discipline simply can’t keep up with the demand for consumer feedback at scale. Researchers need to ensure a level of data quality that cannot be achieved at this speed, using their current toolkit. 

Feedback Loop has created a platform where the need for rapid consumer feedback meets the requirement for research reliability. Our agile research platform unites research experts with the business teams they serve, democratizing research in a way that’s responsible and scalable. At the same time that the platform creates a feedback loop between business teams and their target consumers, it creates a complementary feedback loop between business teams and the expertise of their research teams. Data is generated more quickly and reliably, empowering faster decisions, and giving companies the agility they need to adapt to the unprecedented speed of changing consumer behavior.

Welcome to agile research for all stakeholders. Welcome to Feedback Loop.

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