Asked and Answered: Where does Feedback Loop Recruit Survey Participants?

Organizations looking for a cost-effective way to democratize access to rapid consumer feedback turn to Feedback Loop to automate access to participants at scale.

Getting enough of the right people to answer your questions is a critical component to executing iterative and scalable research projects. Through a combination of technology, people, and partnerships, users of our platform can collect feedback from survey participants with relevant demographics and experiences while keeping costs predictable. In this article we explain how we access survey participants and ensure data quality. 

Where do we get our survey participants?

Traditionally, recruiting participants to a survey required a process which was slow and manual. As an agile research tool, Feedback Loop requires automated access to vast pools of people on demand. By partnering with the largest online sample marketplaces - Lucid and Cint, we are able to screen, survey, and incentivize thousands of people every day within our platform.

These marketplaces are technology platforms that make it easier for an array of both traditional and non-traditional sample providers such as rewards and loyalty programs, online games, and websites to bring in new people to the world of online surveys. Through buy-side APIs we are able to embed the marketplaces directly into our platform. As a result, our customers enjoy access to a broader and more diverse pool of online survey participants than we would be able to reach if we relied on a proprietary panel or limited sample pool.  

Who are the buyers and sellers within online sample marketplaces?

With the help of our partners at Lucid, let’s define some key terms and concepts. 

Sample means people within target populations that can be used to gauge the sentiments of specific demographics or the general population. In other words, the people who take a survey can be seen as “a sample” of that larger group.

Buyers can be brands, agencies, academics, pollsters, or anyone who wants to survey specific populations. These buyers pay participants to complete online surveys for the purpose of collecting survey samples. 

Suppliers – also known as a supply partner, panel provider, or seller – allow buyers to send surveys to their community of participants in exchange for payment to the supplier. Participants are in turn compensated for their time by the supplier. In addition to traditional panel providers, suppliers also consist of rewards and loyalty programs, online games, and websites.

How do I use Feedback Loop to recruit survey participants through these marketplaces?

Through partnerships with Lucid and Cint, we’ve automated the process of buying sample from online marketplaces. As such, our customers enjoy seamless access to over 70 million people, integrated directly into our agile research platform. 

How does Feedback Loop ensure data quality? 

While quality measures are put in place by both marketplaces and suppliers directly, quality is not something that can be taken for granted. On the contrary, ensuring data quality in online research requires a commitment to and continual improvement of systems and processes by whoever is collecting the data. Users of the Feedback Loop platform benefit from our active commitment to data quality, internal systems, and external partnerships. We partner with Research Defender to identify fraudulent activity and mitigate threats. Through this partnership we are able to prevent fraudsters and bad actors from ever entering our survey experiences. The Feedback Loop platform also includes proprietary data screening tools. Learn more about our 4-step data quality approach in this article.

A key, and often overlooked aspect of data quality is the survey taking experience, but it remains central to our data quality program. We are firmly committed to providing consistently short engaging experiences, optimized for mobile devices, that participants enjoy. Beyond simply doing the right thing for survey participants, providing a good experience opens up the sample pool significantly because our surveys can be taken quickly and easily on any device. And we avoid data quality issues stemming from survey fatigue in longer surveys.  We’re continually investing and improving our data quality program to help ensure the best possible data for our clients.

All sample/audience costs, programming and hosting, fraud mitigation, and data cleaning are included in a Feedback Loop subscription. To learn more about the benefits of our inclusive pricing and how we enable you to conduct surveys at scale, book a demo today.

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