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Diversity & Inclusion

All Research is Biased. Here’s What to do About it

March 30, 2021

All research is biased. Phone and online surveys suffer from sampling bias. Analytics may not work on visitors who have ad blockers. Averages can..

Black Lives Matter in the Workplace: How to Discuss & Educate Among Coworkers

August 4, 2020

Our recent research into the movement indicates that public opinion on Black Lives Matter has shifted and support has grown.

Focus on Black-Owned Businesses in the Black Lives Matter Movement

July 21, 2020

Our recent research into the Black Lives Matter movement suggested that, in the last few months, support for the racial justice movement is growing..

The Generational Gap: Does Age Affect Perception of Black Lives Matter?

July 7, 2020

The death of George Floyd in police custody came seven years after the Black Lives Matter movement was founded. His death has not only sparked a wave..

Feedback Loop's Action Plan for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

June 16, 2020

Black lives matter. Racism is intolerable. We strive for a future when these things go without saying, but if the last two weeks have taught us..